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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's in a name?

You might be wondering about Ma'am of the House. It's not your typical blog name, I realize.

Some months ago, Boy #2 was telling me how he, Boy #1 and Daddy were the "mans of the house." (I'm a sucker for preschool grammar.) This was not long after a recitation of his duties, which include smushing any bugs that come calling while the other "mans" are away.

Wanting to know exactly how much he understood about gender, I asked if Mommy was also a man of the house. No, he assured me, I was not a man.

So I pushed the envelope: "If Mommy's not a man, then what is she?" (I'm also stuck in Bob Dole third person land for a few more months while he gets a grip on pronouns.)

He wrinkled his little brow, considering my question. And, after some moments, his face brightened: "You're the ma'am of the house!"

Indeed I am.


  1. And so the gender identification name stuck! How old is little man #2?

  2. Great name, Tina! Glad you got on the blog train!