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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cheating the Tooth Fairy and such

Here at The House, we seem to have a tenuous relationship with the Tooth Fairy.

Boy #1 lost his first tooth on a school day. Despite herculean efforts by both his kindergarten teacher and the new principal -- who each spent time on their knees in the hallway trying to locate the tooth -- he also lost his first tooth. I suppose I'll forever remember the message his teacher left me, describing (in her heavy Southern lilt) the search and how both she and Mr. Principal said that if you lose your tooth, the Tooth Fairy still comes. So she did; she even left a note, explaining that she understood he'd lost it, but it was OK.

Boy #2 didn't lose, but rather knocked out his first tooth a few months ago. In recent weeks, his 2 front teeth on the bottom have been swinging in and out like little barn doors, making every morning's flossing an adventure for this squeamish mom. And then last night, during dinner at the home of friends, he apparently swallowed one of the loosey-goosey teeth. Again, we did the search. . .but to no avail. So the Tooth Fairy has now written to both our boys.


In other news, I "graduated" from swim class! You won't see me swimming laps anytime soon -- or even venturing much past the 4-foot depth -- but I did it. I can do the breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and flip over without swallowing too much water. There's some other stuff, too, but it wasn't much fun and so I'm not eager to pursue it much further at this point; I'll be taking at least one more class, once I can figure out the scheduling.


And Boy #2 has found another food he likes: the "juice" from green beans. We were cleaning out the leftovers for dinner the other night and he got the little container of green beans; he ate the beans, then I looked over in time to see him lift the cup to his lips. Really? He offered the dregs to me, but I declined. On the positive side, perhaps that's where the nutrients go, ya think?

- ma'am

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