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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boo-boos & questions

Injuries trump anecdotes, so here's the latest: Boy #2 took on the deck stairs at the home of some friends. . . and the stairs won.

And I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but The Questioner moved in with us sometime after school got out. I realized this only yesterday, after a 15-minute car ride that covered graffiti, gangs, The Mob and poison.

I have only myself to blame. We'd stopped for a train and, while I was remarking how all of the cars were empty, I added, "And did you notice the graffiti?" It was precisely the sort of invitation The Questioner likes best. "Graffiti? What's graffiti?" That explanation devolved into a discussion about gangs -- who's in them, what they do, why, etc.

"Are they like gang-sters?" Well, no, not really.

I'm not sure how that morphed into The Mob and what it's about -- in various incarnations -- but it did. He finally seemed satisfied with the idea that The Mob is like a company (sorta like where Daddy works) whose business is illegal stuff: selling drugs, guns. . . .

"And poison?" No, probably not poison, although lots of people say that drugs are poison.

"What about poison darts?" Oh look, we're home!

Our lunchtime discussion was brought to you by Nabisco and its America Idol sweepstakes; we covered "void where prohibited" -- which took much longer to be fully understood than you'd think -- and the District of Columbia, along with "Fremantle."

And to think, that was only Monday.


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