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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm a dork

It's official: The Husband married a dork.

It all started innocently enough (as these things usually do). Once the boys got on the school bus, I hurried back inside to get ready for my Bible study. No time for my usual workout -- I had to get to church. So I showered and primped and looked more than presentable when it was all over. Grabbed my keys, shopping list (to hit Target before and Whole Foods after), and cash, headed for the door. . .then realized it was Wednesday. Not Thursday, which is the day I'm supposed to go to Bible study. At least I looked lovely for the wonderful folks at Target and Whole Foods.

Yep. Dork.

Things I'm wondering about right now:

1. If The Husband finds a lizard in the house, but then somehow loses it (without its being caught), what's the best course of action? I know better than to search for it myself, but then, I also don't cotton to the idea of stumbling upon it by accident, should it not be able to find its own way back outside. And the Boys are still at school.
For the record, recommends steps that include mealworms and/or large crickets. Nothing doing, but thanks.

2. If this has happened before -- the finding of a lizard inside The House -- is that some sort of divine sign that maybe this isn't the house for you?

3. Are there professionals who'll come find the silly thing? More importantly, do they also figure out how/where it got in so we can rectify that particular issue?

4. And do we really need a zoo membership when there's a plethora of fauna right here in The House?


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