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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In praise of Google

Boy #1 is bright. I'm not saying this to brag; he just is. We didn't do anything special to help things along or, if we did, we're not aware of what it was.

The other thing you need to know is that he's awful at pronunciation, especially when it comes to (admittedly) confusing words. For example, he loves to read the "gun-ness" Book of World records. My secret prayer is that this also sets him up for a life as a teetotaler. But I digress.

So this school year, they really ramp things up. He's in several advanced classes and, in one, they're beginning a study of crypt zoology. (If you happen to know what this is, please message me. I could use an explanation.)

Today's homework was defining a list of terms that the teacher had given them. I don't know if he copied it down wrong, or if she gave the words orally and he daydreamed through the spelling portion, but we spent a confusing several minutes trying to find a definition of "reanessance." See, if I knew what crypt zoology was in the first place, then I probably wouldn't have had to bother.

So the boy asked me what it meant and my blank stare returned a vote of no confidence. Sounds like a term for some attribute of sea creature, doesn't it? Bioluminescence, reanessance. . . .

I sent him to my collegiate Webster's, the source of most knowledge worth knowing. No luck.

And then Google. God bless the good folks at Google! They, of course, were just as dumbfounded as I as to what "reanessance" might mean. But they quickly came back with "Could you mean renaissance?"

Renaissance? Seems to fit his pattern. Hmmmm. . . .

"Boy, are you looking for renaissance?" And, of course, he was.

I think I'll ask The Husband to buy some stock soon. Because we've got a lot more homework to come.


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