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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Manic Thursday

I'm pretty sure we've reached the upper limit in mania at our house. It's the first week of school, Boy #1 celebrates a birthday this weekend, we're traveling by plane to visit grandparents and cousins, and planning a party. Yep, all in less than 7 days' time.

Just tonight while I was making dinner, I heard the following comments in less than 10 minutes:
1. Mommy, did you know I can Russian dance? kick Hey! kick Hey! kick Hey!
2. (Spoken rather sadly): Man, these socks won't fit over my ears so I can be an elephant. . . or even a dog.
3. Conga line! Get behind me!
4. Hey, watch this: I can walk backwards, clapping under my legs.
5. When Daddy gets home, we'll show him our ninja moves!

So, in between the various dance and talent competitions, we're packing and celebrating. . . and trying to maintain just a small semblance of normalcy.


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